Infertility in T&T: time to end the taboo

    (Stock Photo: Amina Filkins from Pexels)

    April 19th – 24th is Infertility Awareness Week

    It’s time to end the taboo associated with infertility.

    That’s the belief of fertility expert Dr Catherine Minto-Bain, Medical Director at the Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Center.

    She believes while people in T&T are a bit more aware of the issue now, many are still unwilling to seek treatment to address it.

    Dr Minto-Bain says some persons may also simply be unaware of the options available to them.

    Dr Minto-Bain also dismissed the general notion of fertility being primarily a female issue.

    According to her, T&T actually seems to have more instances of male infertility.

    So what are the main causes of infertility in T&T?

    They include blocked tubes for women, and low sperm counts for men.

    Dr Minto-Bain adds that while lifestyle choices such as diet can affect fertility, there is zero evidence in the medical literature to support the notion that it can be caused by stress.

    To find out more about their circumstances, persons are encouraged to book a medical consultation.

    Couples are encouraged to do so together.

    For those wanting to try certain treatments, Dr Minto-Bain says there will be no need to travel abroad, since there are options available through the T&T IVF & Fertility Center.

    Persons can visit the Trinidad and Tobago IVF & Fertility Center Facebook page, or visit their website