Jack Warner back home to continue recovery

    Former ILP Leader Jack Warner is back at home, however he has been ordered to self-quarantine until September 24th.
    He revealed this today, as he gave an update on his health after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
    Mr Warner said he was discharged from the Couva Hospital this evening.
    The strict instructions he adds, are to ensure that he does not pose a threat to his family or anyone else.
    His statement goes on to read:
    ”I comply with all the post hospital COVID19 protocols. This was not a good road trip and I will be following the medical guidelines to the dot and to the tittle not simply because it is my social and legal responsibility to do so but because the discomfort, the isolation and the pain that one goes through is not an experience that anyone will wish for another.”
    He also requested privacy in the coming days:
    “During my period of recovery, I will remain in the shadows away from media contact and this is not because of any disrespect to this profession to which I have grown to love but rather to allow me to recover undisturbed; I would truly wish that my request for silence during this period is respected.”