Jack Warner recovers from COVID-19


    Jack Warner says he has recovered from COVID-19, after testing negative for the virus.

    The former ILP Leader confirmed this on a post to his Facebook page today.

    Mr Warner was initially hospitalized after contracting the virus, but was later discharged to continue his recovery at home.

    The following is his full statement:

    “Thanks, Thanks, Many Thanks! –
    I am Negative!

    September 24, 2020 is the day I will never forget.

    Most people celebrate birthdays and anniversaries; some even celebrate holidays but for me September 24 will not just be the reason to celebrate our Republic Day because it was on that day, I was truly granted by God a second lease in life and for that I am truly grateful.

    I will always remember how on the evening of September 24, I walked nervously into the hospital to be swabbed and tested a second time for the dreaded COVID-19 virus and now I can truly say that God has been good to me, that he has been gracious towards me and for that I will celebrate as an act of being perpetually grateful; I am now NEGATIVE.

    I want to say thanks to the doctors and nurses who through these trying times sought to ensure that I was comfortable. I am not the easiest of persons to deal with especially when I am sick but for their patience and tolerance towards me during this period, I wish to express my profound thanks to the medical fraternity of our country.

    To my friends who never failed to remind me of their love and commitment, who encouraged me to get better, who offered up prayers for my healing and who never failed to text me with words of reassurance and support, to you I say a special thanks; I will never forget the way you inspired me to get better.

    To the media, I will never forget your kindness; when I requested discretion and privacy, I still believed that at least one would seek to invade the silence for which I begged but not one person or media house breached that request and for that I am grateful.

    Many called to encourage me, to lift me up but none sought to obtain a story or a headline and that speaks volumes to the humaneness of the media and to you I also wish to say thanks.

    These were tough times, trying times; times when you know who are your friends and my employees at Sunshine Today, the Centre of Excellence as well Emerald Apts and Plaza who went beyond the call of duty I wish to say that I am proud of every single one of you who stood with me during these trying times and to all of you I say many thanks.

    To my Sunshine Palace All Fours Team; my drinking and liming partners this post Covid-19 period is not going to be business as usual for me simply because it cannot be business as usual. I thank you for your kindness and I know you will understand.

    Last but not least to my family, yes to my family; I simply want to say I love you all. Saying thanks fails to capture my emotions but understand that without every one of you, I would not have been in your tomorrow but rather in your past; thank you and I love you.

    These were really tough times and I know God has brought me through and I want to offer a word of advice to every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago that it matters not how rough the waters may be, how tempestuous the winds may blow; the future may not seem bright, the economy may seem to be at the verge of crumbling but know this that more things are wrought by prayer and supplication than you can possibly imagine.

    Follow Paul’s advice and “Pray without ceasing” and when man closes a window God will open a door, just trust him and keep on praying and everything is going to be alright.“