Kamla issues statement condemning racism


    Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says we must continue to respect each other’s political choices without invoking and inciting race to divide our people.

    She issued a statement on Saturday morning, condemning racism, in light of the spate of comments being made on social media.

    She says party she leads, the UNC, condemns and rejects racism and calls on all citizens to unite in order to heal and build Trinidad and Tobago.

    Mrs. Persad-Bissessar added “I am also deeply disturbed by Dr Keith Rowley’s claim that the UNC is telling one segment of the population that they were “cheated”. This is not only baseless, but it is clearly purposefully intended to inflame racial tensions. I remind Dr Rowley that we are proud Trinbagonians, and any attempt at creating discord is to be roundly rejected.”

    Reiterating a statement she made earlier in the week, she said “must not foster any type of hate, divisiveness, and otherwise unproductive discourse on social media or elsewhere.”

    “Nothing good can ever come from malice. We have made such progress as a nation over the past few decades, that we must do all we can to preserve and develop our cohesion. Future generations will never forgive us if we go down this acrimonious road.”