Latest Crime: San Juan shooting + Maraval man charged with murder


    Police have arrested a San Juan man in connection with a shooting incident against a 31 year old man in the area yesterday afternoon.

    The victim of Febeau Village was at Laventille Road, when he was accosted by three men who proceeded to beat him, and attempt to shoot at him.

    However, he escaped and police later arrested one of the suspects.


    A 39 year old man is due in court today, charged with the 2017 murder of Maraval resident Donald Marcano, and for the kidnapping of a relative.

    The suspect, of Hilltop Drive Maraval, is also charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition.


    Police have arrested a 22 year old Princes Town man, after officers executed a search warrant at his home and found a gun and two bullets in his bedroom.