Major traffic exercises to commence in Tobago


    In an effort to improve traffic flow along Calder Hall Road and Northside Road in Tobago, several traffic evaluation exercises are being conducted starting from September 16th.

    One-way traffic will be implemented and observed from 6:30am to 9am and then from 2pm to 4:30pm on weekdays.

    The exercises will also see adjustments to traffic signalling at the Calder Hall and Rockley Vale intersections.

    Several traffic restrictions also include:

    a) Calder Hall Road North (From the intersection at Friendsfield Road towards Northside Road in the vicinity of the Calder Hall Administrative Complex)

    b) Traffic will move south only towards the Claude Noel Highway

    c) Access to the restricted portion of Calder Hall Road North will be permitted only from Northside Road and other tributary streets along Calder Hall Rod North.

    d) Darrel Spring Road (Harmon’s School Zone loop from the intersection at Northside Road and Darrell Spring Road, north on to Glen Road, and left towards Northside Road.

    e) Traffic will move west only towards Harmons.

    f) Motorists wishing access to the facilities (schools, church etc) must do so at the intersection of Darrell Spring Road and Northside Rod (downhill only), and proceed towards Glen Road.