Man charged with sexual assault against daughter


    Please Note: This story contains references to child sexual abuse, sexual assault.


    A 44-year-old man was granted $350,000 bail when he appeared in court this week charged with four counts of sexual assault against his daughter.

    The accused was charged with three counts of sexual touching and one count of sexual penetration of a minor.

    He was indicted following a probe launched into a police report in which CPU detectives were told that a girl had been sexually assaulted several times by a male relative over a three-year period.

    The accused has been ordered to stay 300 metres away from the girl, and must not to visit, enter or be near the home where she lives.

    He must also visit his district police station three times per week as part of his bail conditions.

    He is scheduled to reappear before the court on June 15th 2022.