Mayaro MP: PTSC bus drivers threatening to stop servicing Mayaro route


    Mayaro MP Rushton Paray is claiming that PTSC bus drivers are threatening to stop servicing the route to Mayaro, due to the deplorable state of the roads.

    The MP believes the Naparima Mayaro Road has become almost impassable and says the people of Mayaro are facing a real crisis if public transport is not readily available.

    He says in this rural community, PTSC buses are critical to the daily lives of people and believes this could have a detrimental impact on schools to businesses and public services.

    Mr Paray adds that hundreds of workers at the oil fields in Point Galeota also rely on these buses to get to and from work everyday.

    The MP is urging Government to show some urgency in repairing the roadway as soon as possible.