Met Service: Our weather forecasts are more than 80% accurate


    The Met Office believes their weather forecasts are more than 80% accurate.

    Climatologist Kenneth Kerr says this is a ‘phenomenal record’ for the Service given the difficulty in forecasting weather patterns in the Caribbean.

    He adds that their record may even be better than the United States, given their accuracy of about 66%.

    AUDIO: Kerr Forecast 02 11 18

    Meanwhile Mr Kerr believes the implementation of the colour coded system by the T&T Met Service has been effective.

    The colour coded system shows what risk level the country is in using a colour scheme of Yellow-Orange-Red to indicate Moderate-High-Very High risk respectively.

    Mr Kerr says this has allowed persons to respond and make earlier actions in the event of bad weather approaching.

    AUDIO: Kerr Colour Coded 02 11 18

    Mr Kerr was speaking on TV6’s Morning Edition this morning.