Millionaire John McAfee vows to join US Presidential race


    US millionaire John McAfee says he will run for the US Presidency.

    McAfee who made the early antivirus software, then being caught up in murder and drugs cases in Belize, is currently in Cuba.

    He says his immediate goal is to win the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party, which advocates for free trade and a sharply reduced federal government.

    McAfee tried but failed in 2016, edged out for that party’s nomination by Gary Johnson, who went on to win just over three percent of the vote in the general election.

    He began his career as a NASA engineer before working for several software companies, where he learned of the existence of a computer virus — and began figuring out how to destroy it.

    In 2015, McAfee was arrested in the United States for driving under the influence.

    He again disappeared from view until January 2019, when he fled the country.