Minister: $12.7 billion needed for WASA to fix issues affecting water supply


    Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte has claimed that it will cost WASA $12.7 billion to fix some of the major issues affecting its water supply and distribution.

    The Minister last week gave an estimate of some of WASA’s proposed projects saying to replace 7200 km of ageing pipeline will cost WASA $10 billion.

    This will be in addition to installing water metres at homes, businesses and industrial areas at a cost of $1.2 billion, while they would have to find another $1 billion to fix interconnectivity issues.

    According to the Guardian, the Minister says this is the kind of money WASA does not have, nor will it acquire this amount anytime soon.

    Mr Le Hunte also chastised citizens for wasting water, saying one T&T citizen uses 90 gallons of water daily, as opposed to the international standard of 44 gallons per person.

    He added that WASA’s tariff is also the lowest in the world, with the average household paying $3 a day for water.

    The Minister also claimed that WASA is being owed $630 million in arrears.