Minister: Unvaccinated child can be denied access to primary school


    From September 2019, any child that is not vaccinated for measles will not be allowed to begin school.

    The vaccine is given at ages 1 and 2 however Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says some unvaccinated children have gotten into the education system.

    He warns that if children are not taken for the shots voluntarily they can be denied entry to primary school under the Public Health (Nursery School and Primary Schools Immunisation) Act.

    The Minister is urging parents to vaccinate their children to avoid this situation.

    Principals have been informed by the Education Ministry and are to, in turn, notify parents of the policy.

    The act governing immunisation and can be found here:

    Meanwhile, if you missed the vaccine as a child, you can still receive it as an adult at health centres across the country.

    The Ministry says it’s doing catch up campaigns to ensure this can happen.