Ministry: 2019 CXC Results “encouraging”


    The Education Ministry says this year’s CXC results are most encouraging, as local students were able to maintain high pass rates.

    In CAPE 2019, Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan says 95.17 per cent of students got Grades One to Five in Unit One.

    29.83 per cent of students got Grade Ones in CAPE Unit One this year, an increase from 2018.

    In Unit Two, there was an almost ten percent increase in the number of students achieving Grade Ones to 34.58 per cent.

    In CSEC, Education Minister Anthony Garcia says around 61 per cent of candidates obtained five or more passes, which constitutes a full certificate.

    CAPE results were released to students on Tuesday, and CSEC results are being released at 5:45pm for T&T students.

    The Minister and Mr Seecharan were speaking on CNC3 this morning.