Ministry denies backlog of autopsies at Forensic Science Centre


    The National Security Ministry is denying media reports on an alleged backlog of autopsies at the Forensic Science Centre.

    In a release it insists “there is no such backlog” and that post-mortem examinations are continuing apace.

    It adds however that the process flow now incorporates additional measures, in keeping with COVID-19 safety protocols.

    All cadavers must first be tested for COVID-19 and when these results become available, there is additional coordination between the Centre, the TTPS and family members of the deceased, as these persons must or may want to witness the autopsy.

    The Ministry insists that these necessary procedures absorb more than usual time and so, operations of the Centre are affected.

    It adds that personnel there would have also been impacted by COVID-19, either contracting the virus or having to quarantine as primary contacts.

    Despite this, it says contingencies are in place, with pathology services managed accordingly.