More temporary changes coming to Curepe highway intersection from July 15th


    Additional changes are coming to the intersection of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and Southern Main Road in Curepe for 7 months from July 15th, 2019.

    This is according to the Works Ministry via Twitter.

    It says drivers going east on the highway who are attempting to reach Curepe, Valsayn Branch Road or KFC will no longer be able to use the the existing exit lane.

    Instead a new deceleration lane has been created a few metres after that takes drivers back onto the Southern Main Road – North (Ramp C).

    Drivers coming towards the highway from the Southern Main Road – South and are attempting to go west on the highway will now have to use a new ramp (Ramp F).

    The old turn off to the highway will be closed.

    Also to be closed at its intersection with the Southern Main Road will be Springvale Road.

    This means that persons who normally use that street to access Valsayn South or the highway will have to use Targuaria Road or Morequito Avenue.