National committee suggested to deal with monuments celebrating racism

    There have been several calls for the removal of the Christopher Columbus statues in Port of Spain and Moruga

    The Prime Minister has been urged to establish a national committee to help identify and remove monuments which celebrate racism and white supremacy.

    This call has come as part of a petition sent by Shabaka Kambon, of the Cross Rhodes Freedom Project to the Parliament.

    He says there have been demands for the Christopher Columbus statue in Port of Spain to be removed since the 1970s.

    He wants the PM to:

    • Remove the Columbus statues in Port of Spain and Moruga and place them in a museum with a plaque giving a true reflection of his role in T&T’s history
    • Establish a national committee develop a plan to identify, destroy, re-purpose and reconstitute such monuments

    According to House of Representatives Standing Order 21:6-8:

    6. After a Petition is presented to the House, the Clerk shall within
    two (2) days, refer a copy of the Petition to the Minister responsible for the
    administration of the matter raised in the Petition. The Minister shall,
    within thirty (30) days of the date of the letter from the Clerk, lodge a
    written response with the Clerk. Such response shall be ordered to lie upon
    the Table without question put and shall be circulated at the next sitting of
    the House.

    7. If a Petition remains without a response at the expiration of
    the period of thirty (30) days, the matter of the failure of the Minister to
    respond shall be deemed referred to the appropriate Joint Select Committee
    (Standing) under Standing Order 98.

    8. The provisions of paragraphs (6) and (7) of this Standing Order
    shall not apply to a Petition from the promoters of a Private Bill under
    Standing Order 75 (Private Bills).