NATUC plans massive demonstration in POS for June 7th


    Citizens are being called upon to join the National Trade Union Centre as it holds a massive demonstration in Port of Spain on Friday June 7th.

    NATUC says this is to let Government know that its “callous disregard, insensitivity and arrogance” towards citizens, over the past 4 years, will no longer be accepted.

    Further to that, the union outlines a list of demands:

    • No privatisation or selling of WASA, the Judiciary and the Port Authority
    • Ethical behaviour and transparency
    • Settlement of all outstanding negotiations
    • Amendment of Labour Legislation
    • Respect for the Labour Movement
    • Job Security for ALL
    • Food for ALL
    • Fix the Recognition Process
    • An end to mass retrenchment
    • The implement of wages and salaries settlement
    • Implementation of the pension plan
    • Implementation of legislation to protect workers when companies close down
    • The right of a “Worker representative” to sit on government appointed Boards and     Committees
    • The right of citizens to live in peace and security
    • The right of every citizen to benefit from our natural resources
    • Finding money to build roads but cannot find the money to pay Port Workers
    • To make it right for the economic takeover for their friends and financiers