NCRHA clarifies newspaper article on care of patient at Mt Hope Hospital


    The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) has expressed its disappointment at the details in a newspaper article which it says are not factual.

    The news story in question headlined ‘Injured bus victim cries out for help’ was printed in the Newsday on Sunday.

    It references claims by Mr Khemraj Ramgohan, a victim from last week’s fatal highway crash, and his wife regarding the treatment he is getting from doctors and nurses at the Hospital in Mt Hope.

    The NCRHA says it is disappointed that the story was published without the facts and as such, it recounted the events from the time Mr Ramgohan arrived at the Accident and Emergency Department at 1:12pm on Tuesday February 5th.

    The NCRHA says by 1:20pm, he had received an x-ray, blood was drawn for tests, he was medicated and a CT scan was obtained the same day.

    It says he was reviewed at 4:15pm, remained under observation overnight and was checked at 8:40am on Wednesday.

    The NCRHA says the patient was under the close care of a Senior Specialist Surgeon during his stay and after being treated by trauma and clinical teams, he was discharged from the Hospital.