New Exemption Policy announced for returning nationals


    There has been an increase in the number of exemption applications filed by T&T nationals seeking entry into the country.

    National Security Minister Stuart Young stresses however that priority will be given to persons who live here, and were stranded abroad when the borders were closed.

    He made the comment during today’s Health Ministry media conference.

    Minister Young also outlined the new policy going forward as Government seeks to step up the approval of exemptions.

    He says the countries in which persons are stranded will be put into one of two categories:

    • High/Medium Risk – countries with cluster spread and community spread
    • Low Risk – countries with sporadic spread or no spread

    According to Minister Young, these will follow the categorization being outlined by the World Health Organization.

    The requirements for the exemption meanwhile will vary depending on the category.

    The requirements for those in High/Medium Risk countries are:

    The requirements for those in Low Risk countries are:

    The quarantine facilities meanwhile will include State Quarantine and State Supervised Quarantine for those who can afford to pay.

    Accommodations will also be made for those seeking exemptions whose passports have expired, or those nationals who had babies abroad but have not been able to organize travel documents.