New system to alleviate ‘rush’ at Macoya market entrance


    Soon, farmers at the Norris Deonarine Wholesale Market in Macoya will no longer have to wait long hours to get into the facility, following the opening of a pre-paid carpark.

    For years users of the market have grown accustomed to the ‘First Come, First Serve’ system, where farmers would line up outside of the facility as early as 4am to get a preferential spot.

    The cues to get into the market generally leads onto the highway causing a traffic pileup.

    But Manager of the market Darren Bharmal says this should be over in just about one month’s time, when the ticketing system is implemented.

    Audio:Bharmal Ticketing 03 08 18

    Ticket will be available daily for purchase, but Mr Bharmal says they will put things in place to give some preference to farmers.

    Audio:Bharmal Farmers 03 08 18

    The price for a spot at the market is 20 TT dollars.