No bail for accused in Tobago jewellery heist


    Bail has been denied to one of the persons charged in connection with the robbery of a Caribbean Jewellers outlet in the Lowlands Mall, Tobago on Monday.

    Avalon Nurse was charged with three counts of robbery with a firearm, of jewellery valued at $1,244,164.

    The incident left two schoolgirls injured, one seriously.

    Nurse was represented in the Scarborough First Magistrate’s Court today by attorney Martin George, who made an application for bail.

    That however was denied as the accused has four pending matters before the Court for larceny, common assault and robbery with aggravation, as well as a previous conviction for marijuana possession.

    He was remanded into custody to reappear on March 20th.

    According to Mr George, the stolen items are as follows:

    • Seventeen Gold 10k Bangles together valued $107,800.00,
    • Nine Gold 10k Jingles together valued $28,315.00,
    • Five Gold 10k Power-Bands together valued $22,465.00,
    • Three Gold 10k Slave Bands together valued $24,105.00,
    • Thirty-Eight Gold 10k Chains together valued 328,985.00,
    • Sixty-Seven Gold 10k H Bands together valued $171,456.00,
    • Four Gold 10k Stone H Bands together valued S13,865.00,
    • Ten Gold 10k ID Bands together valued $32,130.00,
    • Eighty-One Gold 10k Earrings together valued $55,980.00,
    • Four Gold 10k Necklaces together valued $11,605.00,
    • Six Gold 10k Pendants together valued $6,445.00,
    • Eleven Gold 10k Stone Pendants together valued $55,485.00,
    • One Gold 10k Navel Ring valued $660.00,
    • Thirteen Gold 10k Toe Rings together valued $9,990.00,
    • Twenty-Eight Gold 10k Rings together valued $43,840.00,
    • Nineteen Gold 10k Stone Rings together valued $39,000.00,
    • One Gold 14k Bangle valued $4,095.00,
    • One Gold 14k Chain valued $8,590.00,
    • Twenty-One Gold 14k H Bands together valued S147,193.00,
    • Seven Gold 14k Necklaces together valued $76,720.00,
    • One Gold 14k Navel Stone Ring valued $450.00,
    • One Gold 18k Necklace valued $16,495.00,
    • Two Gold 10k Diamond Pendants together valued S38,495.00.