No water for Kumar Village residents


    Residents from Kumar Village in Williamsville are frustrated after being without a pipe borne water supply for almost a week.

    On Monday, WASA announced an emergency shutdown of the Desalcott Desalination Plant, however operations have since resumed.

    Treasurer of the Williamsville Village Council Indira Ramoutar says although nearby areas saw a return of water to their taps, Kumar Village was not so lucky.

    AUDIO: Ramoutar Frustrated 07 12 18

    Ms Ramoutar says attempts by several villagers to call WASA have been in vain, and that a truck borne water supply also seems unlikely at this time.

    AUDIO: Ramoutar Truck Borne 07 12 18

    Attempts by 103.1FM to contact WASA on the matter have been unsuccessful.