NP launches ‘Fuel Verification Programme’


    NP has launched a ‘Fuel Verification Programme’, aimed at protecting both the supplier and the consumer.

    NP says the T&T Bureau of Standards is responsible for the enforcement of the regulations, and is mandated to verify the accuracy of fuel pumps at service stations nationwide.

    The TTBS says prior to this, a pump may have been over delivering fuel, resulting in a service station selling at a financial loss, or it may have been under delivering, resulting in motorists being short changed.

    With this new system, an inaccurate fuel dispenser will be shut down and the necessary adjustments made to correct it.

    Trade Minister Paula Gopee Scoon says pumps found to be accurate will be affixed with a ‘passed’ seal.

    This exercise was started last month, and complements NP’s own fuel calibration testing which was done every three months at scheduled service stations.