NWRHA hits back at claims regarding the death of Sheranne Samuel

    (Photo Credit: NWRHA)

    The North West Regional Health Authority has hit back at criticism regarding its handling of a recent patient who subsequently died at the Port of Spain General Hospital.

    A media report claimed that 34-year-old Sheranne Samuel, a procedural clerk assistant at the Parliament, suffered seizures and slipped into a coma while waiting for treatment at the A&E Department last week.

    Relatives were allegedly told that a CT scan was needed to determine if it was an infection of the brain, however there were no working machines at either the POSGH or the Hospital in Mount Hope.

    A scan done eventually at the St Clair Medical Centre showed a massive blood clot, and several days later Ms Samuel was taken off life support as there was no sign of brain activity.

    The NWRHA insists that Ms Samuel was appropriately medically managed from the time of her arrival at the A&E until her unfortunate passing.

    It adds that any claims alluding to her death being linked to the non-functional CT scan machine are unfounded.

    It says while the CT scan machine was being repaired, interim arrangements were put in place to facilitate patients requiring scans.

    CT scan machine services have since resumed at POSGH.