Online learning guidelines unveiled for term one


    Students will learn from home for Term One which starts on September 1st, through online, printed and broadcast resources.

    This morning, Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly revealed the approach to the term which will be done remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    She says there are two categories of students – firstly those with access to online learning will use the ministry’s School Learning Management System.

    However, the approximately 65,000 students without devices or connectivity will be given material to learn at home.

    Also to help the offline students, Minister Gadsby-Dolly says corporate T&T is being urged to get involved.

    The school feeding program will also continue but will be modified.

    It is suggested that September 1st to 4th be reserved for training teachers, intake of 1st year students, development of work plans and production of learning material.

    Between September 7th and 11th, Mrs Gadsby-Dolly expects that schools are fully engaged in discussions on orientation and distributing learning material and timetables.

    By September 14th, she says schools should be fully engaged in the teaching and learning process.

    Mrs Gadsby-Dolly also notes that there will be no final exam for the term.

    The Minister says SBAs and CVQs that have practical components will be postponed until term two.