Parts of Chaguanas flooded after early morning rain


    Overnight rainfall led to flooding in several parts of Chaguanas this morning.

    103.1FM News spoke with Mayor Gopaul Boodhan who outlined the affected areas:

    1. Chaguanas Main Road
    2. Endeavour
    3. Jerningham Junction through Marchin Road
    4. Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville

    The Mayor claims a major contributor to flooding is underground drains which have not been cleaned.

    He says the Corporation could not do any work because some of its equipment is not working and funding has not been forthcoming.

    However, Mayor Boodhan says he intends to reach out to private entities to volunteer their equipment and services to help clean the drains.

    As for the flooded areas, he says the Corporation’s Disaster Management Unit is assessing the situation.

    Meanwhile, several more showers are expected during the course of this afternoon.

    The MET Service’s Yellow Level Adverse Weather Alert remains in effect until 3pm.

    It says the periods of showers and thunderstorms are associated with the combination of a tropical wave and the ITCZ.


    Motorists meanwhile are being urged to exercise extreme caution on the roads.

    The Police Service says drivers should their headlights in low visibility weather and desist from using their hazard lights, as these can confuse other motorists.

    Persons are also asked to ensure that tires and windshield wipers are in good working condition, to be vigilant of pedestrians crossing, and to be courteous when moving in and out of traffic to avoid splashing water on pedestrians.