PM calls on Top Cop to find Sabga report & take action


    The Prime Minister is calling on the Police Commissioner to find the Sabga Report and to take the necessary action.

    This follows a recent Express report which detailed the abuse and mistreatment of children at Care Homes.

    In a statement, Dr. Keith Rowley said Government had established a Committee to enquire about reports of abuses and other shortcomings.

    He says this committee submitted its findings in late December 2021, with the unabridged report laid in Parliament in April 2022.

    Dr. Rowley said he was “now advised that this Committee sought diligently to get access to a Sabga Report but even their best effort could not provide them with a copy from any source.”

    He says through the local media, he is now “discovering” that there was/is a Sabga Report produced by investigators who inspected and collected information from nine children’s homes.

    The PM says he is “shocked, scandalized and angry” by what he has read in the local media, saying some of the worst suspicions appear to have been long confirmed, with known perpetrators “protected and aided by persons and institutions known and unknown”.

    He adds that all the necessary actions should be taken against all who have been implicated in or with these very shocking revelations.