PM: don’t blame Tobago for COVID-19 spike


    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley insists Tobago is not to blame for the spike in COVID-19 cases.

    In a statement issued after the announcement of further measures today, Dr Rowley said he rejected “any attempt to misrepresent the facts and the placing of blame on Tobago for hosting a few thousands who chose to spend their time in that part of the country…”

    Dr Rowley said there was a spike in cases even before Easter, with community spread in County Caroni and County Victoria, with St George East being affected as well.

    He adds that the CMO data sheets today confirm that the areas of accelerating increases of confirmed infections are the counties of Caroni, Victoria and St George East.

    He went on to state: “To set about to separate the people of Tobago or their tourism economy for special hatred is misleading and just plain wrong.”

    Week 8 to Week 15 for the corresponding period 21st Feb to 17th April, 2021.