PM knocks British High Commissioner’s response to BBC story


    Prime Minster Dr Keith Rowley has criticized the British High Commissioner’s response to his recent complaints regarding a BBC report on Venezuelan migrants in T&T.

    On Monday, Dr Rowley accused the BBC of carrying incorrect, misleading and biased information, and threatened to file a complaint with the British Government.

    Writing on the British High Commission’s official Facebook page, High Commissioner Tim Stew said the Government had brought the documentary to his attention.

    He added however that “the UK’s commitment to freedom of expression means that the UK media, including BBC, are independent of the UK Government.”

    Last night, Dr Rowley Facebook page to post a scathing response to that statement.

    He questioned the BBC’s independence, saying as a station funded by taxpayers, it mirrors and reflects British Government policy.

    He then stated “That is not the response we want from him. He must respond to whether the BBC presented our Venezuelan situation in a truthful and professional manner.”

    The BBC has also reportedly issued a statement on the matter, saying it stands by its journalism.