PM stands by decision to stop revealing Top SEA students


    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is standing by the decision to stop revealing the Top Performing SEA students.

    Following controversy over the 2020 results, no top students were officially announced following the 2022 Exam.

    However, the top two students became known after their parents sought their placement via Freedom of Information requests.

    Today in the Parliament, Dr Rowley insisted that the Exam is simply for placement and believes the preoccupation with ranking is unnecessary.

    Dr Rowley was also asked if Government intended to acknowledge the top placed students for 2022.


    Anushka Singh was found to have placed first in the 2022 SEA Exam.

    Her parents decided to request the information after finding out that she topped Gandhi Memorial, all the Vedic schools and the St George East Education District.

    The second placed SEA student in 2022 was Christopher Akow, who attended the Avocat Vedic School.