Point Fortin residents evacuated due to smoke from bushfires


    Some residents of Point Fortin have been forced to evacuate their homes, following days of smoke in the area, emanating from bush fires near some oil installations.

    Those most affected are from Richardson Street, Wilson Street, Archer Street, Taylor Street, Volunteer Road and Canaan Road.

    Reports are that the smoke has been ongoing since Saturday, despite the fires being put out several times.

    The Disaster Management Unit of the Point Fortin Borough Corporation has been activated and shelter Managers placed on standby as of last night.

    The ODPM says the Church of Christ, Mount Beulah will be made available to residents should the need arise and those in want help can call the DMU at 800-7322.

    Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat responded to a question in the Senate about the measures in place to address the health concerns of persons impacted by bushfires.