Police Commissioner warns against unlawful protests


    The Police Commissioner is warning persons who intend to block roads in order to stage a protest without permission that they would be arrested.

    It follows the recent act by certain residents of Moruga who blocked the roads with debrit in order to voice concern for the selection of a political candidate.

    Commissioner Gary Griffith says CCTV and media footage of those who were at the site would be brought in for questioning to ascertain what they know about the act.

    He says a second incident involved an activist who had concerns about a road being constructed, but was subsequently arrested because he broke the law.

    Separately, the Top Cop adds that last week several activists had silent seated protests outside the Prime Minister’s residence and were reminded they required approval, following which it was submitted and approval was given.

    Commissioner Griffith says it is one’s right to protest, but it must be done with approval and not infringing on the rights of others.