Prisons Commissioner: Prisoners used a hacksaw to escape Golden Grove


    Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson believes a hacksaw blade was used by eight prisoners to escape from the Golden Grove Remand Yard this morning.

    He admits that it is difficult to find hacksaw blades on prisoners since a comprehensive search would need to be done on a regular basis to find such devices.

    The Commissioner however is assuming that this is the device used by prisoners who were unaccounted for during a roll call around 6am.



    Commissioner Wilson says he received shortly after this explaining how the 8 prisoners escaped.



    The Prisons Commissioner says once prisoners got outside of their cells it would’ve been easy for them to get over the fence.

    He claims though that the National Security Ministry was in the process of correcting some of these security issues.



    The escapees are still at large and a manhunt continues for them.

    7 of the 8 escapees have been charged for murder, including one for the murder of a prison officer some time ago.