Education Ministry – over $700K already spent on Point Fortin East Secondary


    The Education Ministry says over $700,000 has already been spent on repairs at the Point Fortin East Secondary School, with another $700,000 to be allocated to additional works.

    This revelation comes after the school’s PTA staged a demonstration today calling for immediate repairs to the building.

    Faulty electrical work is being blamed for a small fire in the administrative block yesterday, while other issues of concern include damaged ceilings, and a lack of extractor fans for proper ventilation in the home economics classrooms and science labs.

    The Ministry denied accusations that nothing was being done, saying projects undertaken and completed during the July/August 2019 Vacation Repairs Programme included: the installation of additional electrical outlets in the library and staff room; sewer repairs; replacement of ceilings in Blocks P, M and in the library; the replacement of guttering from Blocks C to Q; and the refurbishment of staff washrooms.

    It says emergency repairs were also completed at the school from December 4th to 9th 2019, including the cleaning and de-sludging of the sewer system, replacement of sewer pumps, repairs to the control panel and the repair and replacement of gas lines and gas taps.
    The Ministry also claims that despite national financial challenges, an additional seven projects will be undertaken at school.

    The works will include ceiling repairs and associated electrical works to Block B, refurbishment of students’ washrooms, repairs to staff room staircase, replacement to louvers in Block J, an overhaul of the auditorium stage and the air conditioning in room C of the prefabricated building.

    MTS has been mandated to prepare the necessary Scope of Works and estimates, following which tendering will take place to select a contractor.