PTRC Chairman calls for open air cremations as cemeteries fill up


    Another call is being made for authorities to allow open air cremations as Princes Town cemeteries are running out of room.

    According to the area’s Regional Corporation Chairman Gowrie Roopnarine, two cemeteries are filled.

    In a media release, he says, the others are at 75% of their capacities and, if this persists, there will be little to no more spaces left.

    He is urging authorities to end the ban on open air cremations and ease the burden on the corporation by reducing the speed at which burial spots are being filled.

    Also supporting this call is Chaguanas Mayor, Faaiq Mohammed.

    He says because they cannot afford the cost of the indoor cremation, many Hindu families are resorting to burials at cemeteries.

    This also means that many are unable to put their loved ones to rest according to traditional Hindu practices, which include the body of a departing soul being cremated in an open-air pyre.

    The Mayor also criticized long waiting times for bodies to be released, saying in addition to being a financial burden, it is also emotionally distressing for families that are reeling from the loss of their loved ones.