Rambharat: Fines increased for illegal hunting effective 2019


    Effective January 1st 2019 there will be increased fines for illegal hunting ranging from TT$4000 to TT$10,000.

    Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat says the Finance Bill 2018 was passed just before 9pm in the House of Representatives last night.

    Included in it are significant increases for illegal hunting activity, and also for starting a fire without a permit in the dry season.

    Specifically, Mr Rambharat says the fine for hunting a protected animal such as the anteater, porcupine or monkey will be TT$10,000.

    He states that there are other penalties ranging from as little as $4000.

    Hunting in the closed period meanwhile will also carry a fine of TT$10,000.

    The Minister notes though that the charge for hunting the Scarlet Ibis and other species designated as Environmentally Sensitive Species (ESS) is already $100,000.

    He is also warning ‘fire starters’ to take note of the increase of starting a fire without a permit – that moves from TT$1500 to TT$20,000.

    These penalties he says will be reviewed in 2019, and could possibly lead to further increases.