Sale of state game licenses suspended, wild meat restrictions announced


    The sale of state game licenses for hunting has been suspended and there will be restrictions on possession and sale of wild meat.

    This update comes from the Agriculture Ministry which says that, based on advice from the Health Ministry, hunting will encourage congregation which has deemed a factor in the spread of COVID-19.

    However, it notes that without changes to the Conservation of Wild Life Regulations, it is still possible to hunt on private land.

    As such, the Conservator of Forests has advised amendments to the regulations which come into effect from tomorrow.

    Firstly, the lists of animals and birds in Parts I and II of the Second Schedule of regulations have been deleted, while most of the cage birds in Part III have been removed.

    Also, no person will be allowed to be in possession, serve, purchase, sell, offer, advertise for sale or expose for sale, the carcass or meat, whether frozen, fresh, cooked or otherwise, of any animal referred to in the Third Schedule of the regulations, including agouti, tattoo, lappe, deer and quenk.

    The Ministry assures that more details will be provided on the changes.