Sangre Grande braces for possible repeat of recent devastating floods


    The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation is bracing for a possible repeat of the flooding it experienced a few weeks ago.

    This follows persistent overnight rainfall which has also affected numerous communities across the country, including Penal and Point Fortin.

    Corporation Chairman Terry Rondon says several areas are already severely impacted.

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    Mr Rondon assures though that the Corporation is a bit more prepared to deal with the situation this time around.

    Currently, he says officials are preparing a shelter with cots, blankets and other items to house residents who may have to be evacuated.

    What he is calling for again is the establishment of a disaster centre in the community.

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    In Point Fortin meanwhile, Regional Corporation Chairman Abdon Mason says while a few communities are impacted by flooding, the waters are running off quickly.

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    Meanwhile, a member of the public visited Greenvale Park, La Horquetta a short while ago and says the water is high in some areas.

    However, he says the pumps seem to be working and there is no flooding at this time.

    The HDC meanwhile assures residents of Oropune Gardens and Greenvale Park that it is monitoring water levels at this time and has been in contact with first responders.

    It assures that the water pumps are activated and teams are in the area to distribute flood bags if they’re required.