Santa Rosa First Peoples Queen to be inaugurated during Heritage Week

    Nona Aquan and Ricardo Bharath Hernandez (Photo credit: 103FM/Rai Ricomas)

    Today, the 7th Queen of the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community will be inaugurated.

    This is one of three main activities for the 29th Annual Heritage Week Festival, which is being held under the theme “Appreciating and Preserving our Indigenous Heritage”.

    The festivities run from Saturday 12th October to Saturday 19th October.

    Between 3.30pm and 5pm today, indigenous leaders and delegations will conduct an Indigenous Ceremony at the Carib Centre in Arima.

    This will be followed by an Inauguration Mass at the Santa Rosa RC Church in Arima.

    The inauguration of Queen Nona serves to preserve and maintain one of the governance systems of the First Peoples.

    Then, on Monday 14th October, the events of the Day of Recognition of the First Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago will begin with the traditional Smoke Ceremony at the Hyarima Statue, Arima.

    This will in turn be followed by a procession through the streets of Arima.

    This activity will mark 382 years since the Brave Nepuyo Warrior Hyarima led a revolt against the European colonisers with the goal of returning his homeland to self-governance.

    Another major event is the re-internment of the indigenous human remains unearthed during excavations for the renovation of the Red House.

    This ceremony will take place on Saturday 19th October at 10am at the Red House.

    This will be followed by a street procession to the National Museum.

    People of First Peoples descent and all ethnicities are invited to join this celebration and appreciation of Trinidad & Tobago’s Indigenous Heritage.