Seedlings to be distributed to 400 South Trinidad households

    Heritage CEO, Arlene Chow and MP for La Brea, Nicole Olivierre

    Over 4000 seedlings will be given out to 400 households in parts of South Trinidad as part of a Heritage Petroleum program.

    According to release from the company, 1000 were collected by the La Brea MP and 3000 went to councillors for Siparia West/Fyzabad, Palo Seco and Erin to be passed on to residents.

    Each household is expected to receive seedlings including corn, pigeon peas, kale, patchoi, tomato, ochro, cabbage, eggplant, sweet pepper and sorrel.

    Heritage CEO, Arlene Chow, says the initiative is seeks to tackle the food security issue, the importance of which was revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic.