Sinanan: Ministry awaiting EMA’s approval for upgrade of roadway to Toco Road

    File photo: Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan greets PM Dr Keith Rowley at the sod turning for the Valencia to Toco road project

    The Works and Transport Ministry says it is awaiting the EMA’s approval for the continuation of the upgrade to the Toco Road.

    Minister Rohan Sinanan says upgrade works to the existing Valencia to Toco road is underway, and is hoping by the time this is completed, approvals will be in hand to start the upgrade of the entire Toco Road.

    For the Toco Highway project, he says the Ministry opted for the upgrade of certain areas, but says new channels will have to be cut in certain areas.



    In March, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley turned the sod for the Valencia to Toco road upgrade, which spans a total of 12.4km of roadway.