SJBA: We have some concerns about the polymer $100


    The introduction of the polymer $100 bill is being commended but one business group is raising several concerns about its timing.

    The San Juan Business Association accepts Government’s rationale of using the bill to address the financing of crime and the use of counterfeit money.

    However, the SJBA is worried that small companies which have not been incorporated as legal entities will be at a disadvantage as they have supplies of legally garnered money.

    It is also concerned about the timeframe to have all old bills exchanged by December 31st, as well as the ability of ATMs to dispense the new note.

    It believes consideration must also be given to locals living abroad, or foreigners who visit this country on a regular basis.

    The Association is also urging the State to put systems in place to protect citizens who will be visiting various banks with large volumes of cash.