Snake bites zookeeper


    The Emperor Valley Zoo is investigating an incident in which a zookeeper was bitten by an albino Burmese python.

    A video of the incident has gone viral, and shows the snake striking the zookeeper’s stomach as it was being fed.

    The Zoo confirms the incident in a statement, saying the worker in question received immediate assistance from his “buddy” zookeeper who was present at the time, in keeping with protocol.

    It says the snake’s jaw was removed from the individual’s clothes and he (the zookeeper) is being treated for minor injuries to his stomach area.

    The Zoo says it is now evaluating the circumstances surrounding incident so that further safety measures could be instituted, if necessary.

    It insists that during the incident, there was no danger to the public.

    It adds that the Zoological Association of America, of which the ZSTT is a member, has been notified and will also review the incident.