State retains Rt. Justice Nelson to advise on missing file


    Retired Justice Stanley John has been appointed by the Attorney General’s Office as the Lead Investigator into the case of the missing file.

    The missing file is a key concern as it was announced that an investigation had been ordered into the State’s recent handling of a civil case.

    That case saw nine former accused in the Vindra Naipaul-Coolman trial awarded over $20 million in compensation.

    Retired Justice John will also interrogate the systemic processes in existence and to make recommendations for improvement with reference to the Departments of the Solicitor General and Chief State Solicitor and, the management of civil proceedings in the name of the Attorney General

    Meanwhile, Retired Justice Rolston Nelson, S.C. has been retained by the AG’s Office to offer advice on the case of the missing file.

    The situation has drawn criticism from the Opposition UNC which says it is beyond belief that a file against the state involving one of the most high-profile murder cases can “simply disappear”.

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