Survey of protected areas underway

    Nariva Swamp.

    A Socio-Economic Survey of selected protected areas has begun.

    According to the Planning Ministry, the targets for this survey are: private households living under non-institutionalized housing in the vicinity of the following six protected areas:

    • Caroni Swamp
    • Nariva Swamp and Coastal Zone
    • Matura Forest and Coastal Zone
    • Trinity Hills and Eastern Extension
    • Main Ridge Forest Reserve
    • North-East Tobago Marine Area

    The survey will run from July to September 2019, and its main objective is to generate data to assess the economic contribution of T&T’s forest and wild products to household livelihoods and overall economic welfare.

    The survey is also a component of the FAO-administered project “Improving Forest and Protected Area Management in Trinidad and Tobago”.

    The type of information to be collected include:

    • How important are forest and wild products to rural communities?
    • What types of forest and wild products are collected by the household in the community?
    • How are forests and wild products used by different genders and age groups?
    • How does income from forests and wild products contribute to household livelihoods?
    • What are the quantities and values of medicinal plants collected for use and sale?