THA Chief Secretary: no sea-bathing during Buccoo Reef tours

    (Image via Trip Advisor)

    Boat tours to Buccoo Reef may have resumed, but bathing in the sea is still off limits.

    This reminder comes from THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis who says the continued prohibition of sea-bathing is in keeping with the public health ordinance regulations.

    Under the updated regulations, tours of the Buccoo Reef and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary are permitted once again, but with certain restrictions.

    The tours must not exceed 50% of the ordinary capacity of a tour; and persons on such tours must wear an appropriate face mask, face shield or face covering.

    Persons are also not allowed to disembark the vessel, to engage in bathing or swimming in any of the waters of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Mr Dennis says while Tobago is grappling with economic challenges, things must be done in phases since they “do not want to add a healthcare crisis to the equation”.