Thousands of Venezuelans cross into Colombia after border reopens

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    Thousands of Venezuelans crossed into Colombia after the border between the two countries was reopened.

    It was closed in February at President Nicolas Maduro’s request as opposition leader Juan Guaidó prepared to bring in US-backed humanitarian aid.

    But many crossed into Colombia to buy food, medicine and other essentials after it was reopened.

    UN agencies say that more than four million people have fled Venezuela since 2015.

    The borders with Colombia, Brazil and Dutch Antilles islands were closed as the opposition organised the delivery of foreign aid, which was denounced by Mr Maduro as part of an effort to remove him.

    Last month, he announced the reopening of the border with Brazil and the island of Aruba, but the Aruba authorities said the border would remain closed.

    Maduro announced the reopening of the border on Twitter saying “We’re a people of peace that strongly defends our independence and self-determination.”