Three Venezuelan women among 8 arrested in North Eastern Division


    Three Venezuelan women have been arrested for not having proper travel documents.

    They were among 8 arrested during an exercise in the North Eastern Division that began on Friday 14th June and ended on Saturday 15th June.

    The women were held at the Spanish Harlem Nightclub.

    Elsewhere, during the same operation, a shotgun was found in Las Cuevas along with 32 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 100 grams of dried marijuana and some seedlings.

    Also in this area, a man was arrested for marijuana possession.

    In Santa Cruz, police searched a home and also found the drug, leading to three arrests.

    In San Juan police went to the Four Roses Night Club 96 grams of marijuana and 15 pink pills.

    Then at Tigers Bar they discovered that the proprietor had the incorrect licenses to sell spirituous liquor and alcohol.

    The seized all the alcohol and took it to the Barataria Police Station along with a man held on house breaking enquires.