Top Cop: Bail Amendment Bill needed to fight crime

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

    Police Commissioner Gary Griffith believes amendment of the Bail Bill is needed in the fight against crime.

    The change will ensure that a criminal is imprisoned for 120 days if found with a firearm, however concerns have been raised that it can be abused by police.

    Mr Griffith acknowledged this concern but believes this excuse is a usual ‘cop out’ in not doing what is mandatory to ensure law and order.

    He says statistics has shown that in the last decade, over 75% of homicides in T&T were committed with illegal firearms.

    Mr Griffith believes this should be seen as a catalyst to approve such a Bill which will take away guns from criminals and get potential murderers off the streets.

    Attorney General Faris Al Rawi kicked off debate on the bill in the Senate today.