Top Cop clarifies newspaper report, slams journalist

    (File photo)

    The Top Cop has sought to clarify a newspaper report which claims that a Woman Police Constable has filed an official complaint, through her lawyer, against him.

    The article in question is published in the Sunday Express and headlined ‘Griffith oppressive and tyrannical’ WPC complains to PSC, PCA of verbal abuse from Commissioner.

    But according to Top Cop Gary Griffith, “at no time was Woman Police Constable Beckles ever threatened or verbally abused” by him.

    Furthermore, he says if the complaint was made to the Police Service Commission, he was not informed or made aware of it.

    Pointing out that the article is a front page story, Commissioner Griffith slammed the journalist for not asking what he considers to be “the most important question”: Why did the Commissioner want to speak to this officer?

    With regards to the law governing police officers, he says Section 138 of the Police Service Regulations is meant to prevent them from making public comments through any medium.

    Commissioner Griffith says he is very concerned that one officer who has issues, with no evidence to support her claim, has her allegations boldly displayed in the newspapers.

    In fact, he says in efforts to remove rogue elements and instill discipline in the TTPS, certain officers have taken to social media to make public their administrative issues and grievances, in a bid to seek sympathy for their plight.

    The Top Cop however makes it clear that such actions will not be condoned because they only serve to undermine and encourage indiscipline within the Police Service.

    He says this is an issue he is dealing with and such “irresponsible journalism” does not help provide what the country deserves, a disciplined Police Service.